June 04, 2013
Danielle Lacey

NAFSA Conference Shines Spotlight on SLU's Globalization

With events hosted in St. Louis and representatives from the Madrid campus in attendance, the conference served to highlight SLU's accomplishments in international education.

NAFSA Sustainability
John Woolschlager, Ph.D. and Diana Carlin, Ph.D., participated in NAFSA's inaugural Colloquium on Internationalizing Sustainability-Focused Degree Programs. Photo by Robert McNaire

Continuing its mission of leading and promoting international education, Saint Louis University faculty and staff participated in and led multiple events during the 65th NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo held May 26-31 at America's Center in downtown St. Louis.

Educators from around the world came to St. Louis for the event. NAFSA, or the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers as it was once called, promotes, educates and advocates for professionals involved in international higher education.

Two educators from SLU, María Jose Morell, director of enrollment management at the Madrid Campus, and Diana Hidalgo, an admissions counselor with the Office of International Services, were among the nearly 9,000 people in attendance at this year's event.

"We were trying to make sure that people knew that Saint Louis University is one university with two campuses: one in St. Louis and one in Spain," said Morell. "Most people didn't know that. And we were trying to make as many contacts as possible with as many different universities, so their students could know what the Madrid campus may offer their students."

Getting the opportunity to meet with these guidance counselors and college advisers from universities and high schools around the world was an invaluable one to Morell and Hidalgo. The conference marked the first time they got to meet some of their colleagues and contacts face-to-face.

"For a lot of students, the first person they're going to contact about where to study is the person who we are talking to at the booth," Hidalgo said. "They may be college advisors who are working with high school students; some of them are admissions counselors who work in their university. So, once we put ourselves in their radar, they're going to be the ones who are doing promotion for us as well."

Saint Louis University also hosted four colloquia in conjunction with NAFSA. The topics were legal education, public health and medicine, international business education, and sustainability. The colloquia served as an opportunity to showcase the campus and SLU faculty to a international and connected community.

"NAFSA literally brings to the world to the host city and for us, to SLU," said Diana Carlin, Ph.D., associated vice president of Graduate Education. "Having a key role in four colloquia, including the first one on sustainability, was an excellent way to showcase our strengths in law, business, medicine and public health, and sustainability. SLU's globalization efforts will profit from our involvement in NAFSA."

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