Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University will host the 2013 regional Residence Hall Association conference, Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, Friday through Sunday, Oct. 25-27. SLU Residence Hall Association students won the bid to host the conference Nov. 3.

The MACURH conference serves as an opportunity for Residence Hall Association student leaders from various institutions to share their experiences with one another as student leaders. Ideas are exchanged around Residence Hall governance, investment in student life, diversity and inclusion, programming and personal growth as leaders.

The MACURH region consists of college and university residence halls in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada. The conference and will bring approximately 500 students from this region to campus in 2013.

The conference bid was received by SLU students after a vote by all regional Residence Hall Associations in attendance at the 2012 conference. The Residence Hall Association bid team prepared a 75-page written bid, as well as a 25-minute oral presentation about their vision for the MACURH conference.

This high honor bestowed upon the Residence Hall Association comes after months of dedication and preparation by the student leaders. The student conference chair, Rebecca Wallace can be reached at A full copy of the written bid submitted by the students can be found online at the Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls website.