May 30, 2013
Danielle Lacey

New Billikens Visit Campus for SLU 101

More than 1,500 incoming students and their families will visit the University as part of the annual freshmen orientation program. Please be sure to help these special visitors feel welcome.

SLU 101 logoGet ready, SLU community. More than 1,500 incoming students and their families are expected to visit Saint Louis University this summer as part of the annual SLU 101 orientation program.

SLU will host the first two-day SLU 101 session for incoming freshmen Thursday, May 30. Two incoming transfer-student sessions have already taken place this month.

This year, the Office of Student Development will host only eight sessions, as opposed to the usual nine, meaning that there will be more students and families on campus during each session. The entire SLU community is asked to help all these special guests feel welcome.

On Friday, May 24, Student Development hosted a kick-off party for all those involved in the SLU 101 program, including University advisors and stakeholders. During the reception, attendees got the opportunity to meet with this year's SLU 101 leaders and learn more about the class of 2017.

Students participating in the SLU 101 program will learn more about the University's academic programs, housing, financial assistance and its Jesuit Mission. Students will be invited to spend the night in Reinert Hall and dine with current SLU students.

While SLU 101 activities will send these guests all over campus, including McDonnell Douglas Hall, the Allied Health Professions Building and School of Nursing, the majority of the orientation events will take place in the Busch Student Center.

The complete schedule of SLU 101 dates is as follows:

  • May 3 SLU 101 Transfer 
  • May 23 SLU 101 Transfer 
  • May 30-May 31 SLU 101 
  • June 3-4 SLU 101
  • June 6-7 SLU 101
  • June 10-11 SLU 101
  • June 13-14 SLU 101
  • June 17-18 SLU 101
  • June 20-21 SLU 101
  • July 1-2 SLU 101
  • July 18 SLU 101 Transfer Orientation
  • August 8 SLU 101 Transfer Orientation

Learn more about the orientation program, including a sample incoming-student schedule, online at the SLU 101 web page.

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