June 02, 2012
Mariama Grimes

SLU-Sponsored Charter School Receives $500,000 Donation

Shearwater High School, a charter school sponsored by Saint Louis University, recently received a donation of $500,000 from Emerson.

Shearwater High School's competency-based schooling model and wraparound support services, including counseling, are designed to get young men and women who have been forced to leave school to return and graduate ready for college.

Emerson's funding follows earlier start-up commitments it has made to Shearwater and represents a commitment to continuing the school's groundbreaking work begun several years ago.

"Emerson believes Shearwater's unique education model is addressing an urgent community need to find solutions to narrow the achievement gap and create a successful transition into post-secondary education, the workforce and adulthood," said David Farr, Emerson chairman and chief executive officer. "The need is now for a better approach. We believe an investment in Shearwater is effective R and D toward finding the right solutions."

Opened in 2010, Shearwater High School serves 75 students, aged 17-21, and offers comprehensive education, employment and life-skill development for disconnected youths.

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