February 19, 2014
Regina Walton

SLU Gives Area Senior Citizens a Happy Valentine's Day

Cards, gift baskets filled with items donated by the University community and heart-healthy meals were delivered to residents at Metropolitan Village Apartments Feb. 14.

Basket Delivery
from left, Peg Weathers, assistant vice president for Community Relations; Regina Walton, senior administrative assistant; and Michael McMillan, president and CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. Photo by Mead Ruesling

The Office of Community Relations delivered more than 150 Valentines, gift baskets and heart-healthy meals to elderly residents at Metropolitan Village Apartments.

The meals were provided by Campus Kitchens and the items for the baskets were donated by members of the SLU community. More than 1,500 items were given to the Office of Community Relations for the cause.

Students also made cards for the residents under the direction of the Center for Service and Community Engagement.

This year, SLU partnered with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis in delivering the items to seniors. Michael McMillan, president and CEO of the Urban League in St. Louis, is a SLU alumnus.

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