October 18, 2013
Brandon Verhoff

University Hosts Second Annual SLUstainability Week

The highlight of the weeklong celebration will be the SLUstainability Expo, which will feature vendors that partner with SLU and organizations that have a sustainable focus.

The second annual SLUstainability Week will take place Oct. 21-26. Sponsored by the University's Sustainability Advisory Council, the week coincides with the international Campus Sustainability Day, which is Wednesday, Oct. 23. For a detailed list of the week's events, check out the SLUstainablity week web page.

A highlight of the week will be the SLUstainability Expo, which will be held 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24, in the Center for Global Citizenship. The event will feature vendors that partner with SLU and organizations that have a sustainable focus. Representatives from Fox Architects and McCarthy Building Companies, which worked on the CGC renovation project, also will make a presentation during the expo. 

On Friday, Oct. 25, the monthly SLU Spirit Day will go "green," with faculty and staff invited to wear a green shirt with their jeans. (The option to dress down may depend on work environment and schedule; employees should confirm with their supervisors.)

"Here at Saint Louis University, we are deeply committed to being good stewards of our environment," said University Interim President William R. Kauffman. "During this annual sustainability week, I encourage everyone to reflect on the additional ways that they can incorporate green practices into their daily lives."

With this idea in mind, the Center for Sustainability and the Division of Facilities collaborated on a top-10 list of recommendations for going green at work and at home:

At Work:

  1. Start an office or commuter carpool group. Join RideFinders. 
  2. Start a "turn it off" campaign to conserve energy by turning off electronic devices, such as monitors, when you leave for the day. 
  3. Switch your print default to print double-sided. Don't print in color unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Purchase reusable cups, bottles, mugs or utensils to encourage waste minimization.
  5. Take Initiative: Make your office "Styrofoam free" and get a Blue Bin and utilize SLU's single-stream recycling program.

At Home:

  1. Bring re-usable bags when you go to the grocery store. 
  2. Switch light bulbs to CFLs or LED.
  3. Save energy by washing clothes with cold water, instead of hot. 
  4. Recycle and opt to buy products whose packing and waste can be recycled.
  5. Take Initiative: Watch a sustainability themed documentary, such as ‘Tapped' or contact your local, state, or national representatives to ask for greener legislation.

Find more sustainable actions to take online. Individuals who adopt a new personal sustainable practice during the week are encouraged to let the Green Billiken know via email at greenbilliken@slu.edu or Twitter (@greenbilliken). These individual efforts, along with SLU's overall practices, will be posted on the web at greenbilliken.slu.edu

For several years, the Center for Sustainability and the Division of Facilities Services have collaborated on initiatives to enhance sustainability on the SLU campus. Their efforts have proven successful, with the University receiving a Bronze Rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in 2011.

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