February 09, 2012
Sarah Hassen

Human Resources Honors January SLUStars

The Human Resources Recognition Committee paid surprise visits to their first group of SLUStars for 2012. Out of the 86 submissions, eight people were chosen to be honored as a SLUStar for living out the values of the Jesuit mission in their work and lives. Each SLUStar was presented with a pin, certificate, balloon, Billiken Bucks and SLU event tickets. A celebration breakfast will be held in their honor on Sept. 12.

Below is a picture of each SLUStar and a few reasons why their colleagues chose to nominate them. These eight individuals are a great example for all employees at Saint Louis University, and SLU is truly blessed to have them as a part of the community.

Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy, career services associate at the School of Law
"Colleen's positive attitude permeates the law school. There is not a law student who does not know Colleen. To Colleen, all of the students are her 'kids.' She always greets them with a smile and an offer of motherly advice. She has assisted out-of-town and international students with every aspect of finding their way in a new city, from finding an apartment to finding a great international restaurant that gives them a taste of home. For several years now she has had students over to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. There is never a thing she would not do for them-all in the goal of helping them develop as law students and soon-to-be attorneys."


Dana GuytonDana Guyton, administrative secretary in African-American Studies Program
"Ms. Dana creates a welcoming environment for African American studies students as well as other black faculty at SLU. She organizes social events for new African American Studies faculty to help acclimate them to St. Louis. These events are often held at her house-she opens her deck/backyard up to both faculty and students to engage with her family and friends to help develop a sense of community for newcomers. Also, as an active SOJOURN participant, Ms. Dana hosts a fall bonfire at her home to help minority women on SLU's campus bond with one another over games, roasted hotdogs and apple cider."


Jim GreathouseJim Greathouse, senior training specialist in Training and Communication
"Jim brings an atmosphere of joy wherever he goes. He goes above and beyond by giving his time to Blue Santa. He grows out his hair and beard every year and bleaches it white just to play Santa. He volunteers at two different train places. Jim is also an excellent trainer. He is vastly knowledgeable about Google and is willing to give his time to anyone who needs it. He is an exemplary employee and just a great guy who gives his time and attention to those in need."


Lana KellyLana Kelly, academic advisor for the Adult Credit Program
"Lana Kelly goes above and beyond her job responsibilities on a daily basis to assist students, staff and faculty. Not only is Lana an academic advisor, she is also in the Ph.D. program for higher-ed, very involved in Big Brothers, Big Sisters, helps teach English to a lady from Burma and is actively involved in her sorority. Lana plans, organizes and implements events for the SPS (School of Professional Studies) staff and faculty to get together in order to build a cohesive community. Events include chili cook-offs, Halloween costume contests, BBQ's, etc. Lana is a caring advisor who goes above and beyond for her students. This year she is helped to spearhead a Christmas party for students and their families. She's arranged for Santa, the Billiken and an a cappella group. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and truly lives out the mission in her work."


Mary Ann BarraleMary Ann Barrale, administrative assistant in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
"Mary is kind to everyone and always willing to go the extra mile, including inviting faculty and fellows to her home for the holidays when they may not have anywhere else to go. She often stays late at night to work on projects that help benefit the morale of the division. She has excelled in her duties as supervisor of our ultrasound lab by working though breaks and lunches. She juggles schedules daily to accommodate the needs of our patients during a prolonged staffing shortage, all with such grace and professionalism. She also takes time to volunteer and has helped with many of the division's fundraisers. She was also voted volunteer of the year from the Friends of Saint Louis University Live Center in the past for her outstanding efforts with them. The University needs more employees like her because she really sets the bar for excellence."


Nancy SolomonNancy Solomon, director of Medical Center Communications
"Nancy has an unparalleled work ethic and sense of obligation to help those who are in need, from an undergrad working on a senior project, to a stranger on the phone who is scared about an illness. She has a deep felt sense of compassion and justice that she puts to action on a daily basis. When H1N1 flu appeared, she worked tirelessly getting the word out, from planning on how we would help students who got the illness, to supporting our Center for Vaccine Development, which was researching a vaccine. She has been seen tracking down doctors to help strangers who call, desperate and in tears because of scary health situations, who didn't know who else to contact. She puts herself on the line, vouching for people, advocating for them and helping them find solutions to problems. Nancy works hard, she stays late, she is compassionate and smart, her enthusiasm never wanes, she never exhibits cynicism or defeat, and she always looks for the best in people. Nancy demonstrates how to live life guided by the values we all share."


Robert WasselRobert Wassel, assistant director in Center for Service and Community Engagement
"Bobby exemplifies the University mission and demonstrates positive leadership skills to the students he works with. On the day of Make a Difference Day (after months of dedicated planning and organizing more than 3000 volunteers to more than 130 service sites), it was Bobby's friendly nature that kept the MADD Committee in good spirits after a long day. Students are very receptive of Bobby's energy and his approachable nature. Bobby Wassel is a joy to work with. His warm personality is inviting. His encouraging attitude is contagious. Bobby is an asset to the SLU Community and he is a prominent example of why SLU is an amazing place to work."


Tanya GriffinTanya Griffin, director of enrollment services in the Adult Credit Program
"Tanya is highly successful, and as a member of the admissions team, Tanya helped to bring about some of the largest enrollment growth in the history of professional studies. She is always friendly with staff and faculty, and she always ensures she puts students and the integrity of SPS first and foremost in her decision making. Tanya has cultivated an extremely positive atmosphere among staff at SPS, and she seldom says 'no' to requests to be involved in decisions and policy at the school. She leads by example -- donating her time to Walk For a Cure and other good causes. She encourages us all to make the mission of SLU our own and gives us opportunities to both reflect and act on the mission."

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