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Jon Schwendeman (Cook '12) high-fives the Billiken while processing into the arena during the May 19 Commencement. recently named St. Louis the happiest place for young graduates.

Members of Saint Louis University's class of 2012 got some great news last month: St. Louis was recently named the best city in the country for new grads by, a career information and job-hunting website.

CareerBliss analyzed reviews from employees with jobs that required less than two years of experience and compared employees' median salary with the cost of living. Employees were asked to rate factors such as relationship with the boss and co-workers, work environment and company culture.

Kim Reitter, Ph.D., director of SLU's office of Career Services, wasn't that surprised by the findings, but she could understand why others may have been.

"The stereotype is that mid-America is not very fun," Reitter said. "But as any of us who live in the St. Louis-area know, this is a great place to live and raise a family."

This May, SLU conferred degrees to 2,400 new graduates, who, according to analysts, are entering a steadily improving job market.

Ashley Pitlyk
Ashley Pitlyk (Cook '10, A&S '12)

"Some cities are known for one or two industries," Reitter noted. "But St. Louis has a wide variety of industries from which job seekers can choose to work."

Ashley Pitlyk (Cook '10, A&S '12) started her new job with the Standing Partnership shortly after graduating from SLU with her master's in communication, and her new workplace seems to be a great fit.

"The people here are really friendly and they offer a lot of nice perks," Pitlyk said. "Overall the culture's really flexible, which I think is really important for a lot of newbies coming out of college."

"I think it's just so easy to see the potential for a life right after school in St. Louis," said Jon Schwendeman (Cook '12). "I don't think a lot of my friends struggled to see themselves living here after they graduated, whether or not they had a job."

Amit Sood (Cook '12)

SLU's location in the heart of the city also served as a strength in some graduates' job search.

"The internship I had was in downtown St. Louis, and just the fact that SLU was so close to downtown made it so easy to go in and out of the office," said Amit Sood (Cook '12). "Through the University I was able to really commit myself to the internship program and make enough of an impact that I got a job offer afterwards."

Admittedly, Reitter, Pitlyk, Sood and Schwendeman are all St. Louis natives, but even out-of-towners are finding themselves sticking around.

Jaqui Farrington
Jacqui Farrington (A&S '12)

Jacqui Farrington (A&S '12), originally from Douglas, Mich., graduated from SLU this spring and has been admitted to the University as a graduate student in speech-language pathology program.

"I would like to stay in St. Louis," Farrington said. "I think it would be a great opportunity. Being a speech-language pathologist, there are a lot of different routes I can take with my career and St. Louis is the place to be with any of those routes."

About Career Services
Career Services at Saint Louis University, in support of our Catholic, Jesuit identity, assists students and alumni in exploring and pursuing meaningful careers over a lifetime. This is accomplished by providing integrative, purposeful opportunities for individualized development of the whole person. To empower students and alumni in their career decision-making process and vocational discernment, Career Services continually fosters collaborative partnerships with employers, faculty, staff, administrators, and the greater community.

Career Services offers resources such as mock interviews, career counseling and career assessments, free of charge for both current students and alumni. Learn more at the Career Services website or by calling 314-977-2828.