August 20, 2014

You Are Here: Student Leaders Mentor, Guide Incoming Students

First-Year Experience Leaders, teams of students who help new and incoming students transition to life at SLU, have finished training and are ready to kick off Fall Welcome.

Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., and Mary Bruemmer are applauded by First-Year Experience leaders during training.
University President Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., and Mary Bruemmer, a SLU alumnae and volunteer, are applauded by First-Year Experience leaders during training. Photo by Luke Yamnitz

Teams of returning students have spent the past few weeks training to welcome new and incoming students to Saint Louis University.

Oriflamme, Transfer Mentors, Commuter Assistants and Learning Community Mentors will begin welcoming incoming students when New Student Move-In kicks off at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 20.

"The First-Year Experience Leaders assist students in making a successful transition into the university," said Susan Fanale, director for the Student Involvement Center. "These leaders plus other SLU student staff work together to help our new Billikens get connected and have a positive first year at SLU."

First-Year Experience Leaders wrapped up training on Aug. 19 with a reception with University President Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., and Mary Bruemmer. Bruemmer, who has been affiliated with the University for more than 60 years, served as Oriflamme's advisor for more than 20 years in her former role as Dean of Students. She shares the organization's history each year as part of Oriflamme members' leadership training.

Pestello and Oriflamme leader
Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D., greets a 2014 Oriflamme leader. Photo by Luke Yamnitz

The First-Year Experience Leaders include:

Members of Oriflamme help lead residence hall floor groups and commuter students in activities such as the Spirit Competition and the Grand Center Street Party, and assist students in their initial college transition process. Oriflamme members help with move in as well as complete behind-the-scenes tasks that help Fall Welcome run smoothly.

Transfer Mentors
The TRANSFERmations are transfer students who assist incoming SLU transfer students in their transition by connecting them to SLU communities through various activities and initiatives in the first six weeks of the fall semester.

Commuter Assistants
Commuter Assistants are student leaders who work with freshmen commuter students who have been exempt from the residency requirement. Commuter Assistants provide both educational and social programming for groups of approximately 60-80 freshmen students each. They also serve as a guide and mentor for their students meeting with them one on one, holding weekly office hours, and serving as a resource to help answer any questions they may have.

Learning Community Mentors
Learning Community Mentors assist students in their transition to the learning community, as well as focus on building upon and continuing the legacy of the learning community. These leaders create study groups and tutoring opportunities for the learning community, as well as service learning opportunities.

Keep up with all the latest Fall Welcome news online at the First-Year Experience website. Share Fall Welcome experiences on Facebook and Twitter by tagging videos and photos with "#SLUFW2014."

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