April 27, 2012
Matthew Berkley

First Graduate Marks Program's Newest Phase

Gary Dishno
Gary Dishno will graduate with first master's of sustainability degree to be awarded by Saint Louis University. Photo courtesy of Gary Dishno

Gary Dishno's upcoming graduation from Saint Louis University has perhaps garnered a bit more attention than the average graduate student's. It's understandable: Dishno's graduation is a milestone for one of SLU's newest degree programs.

Dishno will be the first graduate from the Master of Sustainability Program, which trains students in understanding the issues surrounding society's increasing use of its decreasing resources.

The master's program was launched in August 2010, welcoming an incoming class of 25 students, and went on to become the most successful launch of any new graduate or professional degree at SLU since 2005.

As a project software manager, Dishno was drawn to the fledgling program with the goal of merging his professional path with the burgeoning sustainability field.

"Recognizing that we do not have infinite resources is becoming more and more of a concern in the business world," says Dishno, who returned to SLU having received an executive master's degree in international business in 1999. More than just a feather in his professional cap, the sustainability degree will help Gary target his career towards making a positive impact.

Dishno hopes to utilize his project management experience in order to help organizations implement sustainability initiatives and programs that will reduce their overall environmental impact.

He credits SLU's multidisciplinary program for great exposure to a variety of students, who create an environment of innovation in an exciting field.

The degree program was created as part of a collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences, the John Cook School of Business, the Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, and the College of Education and Public Service.

"Because this is a new industry it's going to take cutting edge programs like SLU's to reveal what the real issues are and how we can make lasting improvements," Dishno added."

Learn more about the master of sustainability program, included its new accelerated degree option, at the Center for Sustainability website

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