July 01, 2014
Danielle Lacey

University Celebrates Retiring Faculty, Staff During Thanksgiving Mass

Employees participating in the VERP stand to be recognized during Monday's Mass of Thanksgiving. Photo by Michelle Peltier

Saint Louis University celebrated faculty and staff participating in the Voluntary Enhanced Retirement Program on June 30 during a special Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Francis Xavier College Church.

June 30 was the last day of employment for employees who were taking part in the VERP.

The Division of Mission and Ministry sponsored the event, which thanked God for the many years of dedicated service and the positive impact the employees have had on the University.

"I know that each of you has contributed to the whole and no matter what your position, you have made a contribution in defining what we share today in this University," said Bill Kauffman, who recently finished serving as the University's interim president.

During the Mass it was revealed that the combined total years of service performed by the group of employees accepting the VERP was 5,791.

"Saint Louis University truly has been blessed by your service to our mission," said Kauffman. "You have changed our world — the world of this University — and in so doing, you have changed the world all humankind shares."

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