Saint Louis University

Access to Campus

The University requires news organizations to contact our SLU media relations team before coming onto campus for a story. A Medical Center Communications representative can assist you with access to health-related areas. Otherwise, please contact University Communications. 

When privacy is an issue, including that of our students, the media relations team will often work with you to find people willing to be interviewed, filmed or photographed.  Media access is frequently granted and, in some cases, no escort is needed.

Limited Access Areas

As part of their responsibilities, the University's public safety officers look for people or vehicles that are not authorized on campus. When journalists are expected on campus, the media relations team will alert public safety and provide for the most convenient parking spot available.

Except in rare circumstances, University residence halls are not available to the media. Media access to most offices and facilities at the Medical Center require a media relations escort. For information about access to Saint Louis University Hospital and its patients, call Laura Signaigo at 314.268.5744.

Campus Events
For events where a news release has been issued, there is no need to contact media relations prior to your arrival. To cover other events, please contact the media relations staff. Find a list of our upcoming events on our public event calendar.