December 04, 2013

Be Careful Walking in Ice and Snow

While sleet and snow can make walking in a winter wonderland hazardous, Steven Cummings, M.D., medical director of employee health at Saint Louis University, says there are some simple strategies to minimize your risk of slipping and falling.

SLU employees try to keep ahead of the weather and clear stairs and sidewalks of snow and ice.

"We need to do everything possible to decrease the amount of weather related falls, which can be really hurtful," Cummings said.

He offers these tips for braving the weather:

  • Wear sensible shoes or boots. Icy weather is no time for vanity. If you must wear heels or dress shoes, bring them with you and change at work.
  • Look for black ice, places on the pavement that look wet but really are icy.
  • Be particularly careful around stairs to buildings and near parking lots, which could have ice on them.
  • Don't multi-task. Put away your cell phone and watch where you walk.
  • Once you're inside, watch for puddles and slush, which also could be slick.
  • If you encounter hazardous areas either outside or within a University building that have not been treated please call 977-2955 to report the issue.
  • If you fall at the University and are in pain, seek immediate medical treatment as directed by the University's policy on work related injuries. The policy can be found at:

Learn more about the University and SLUCare ‘s snow policies. 

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