December 04, 2013

Know What to Do in Inclement Weather

Closure Notifications

In the event of inclement weather, call 314-977-SNOW (7669) to check on the University's status.

If there is a change in the University's status, it will be announced on the Snowline.

An announcement also will be sent through SLU's emergency notification system, RAVE Wireless. (All members of the University community are encouraged to verify that their cell phone numbers are listed in Banner to receive the notifications.)

Closing announcements also will be sent to the following local TV stations: KSDK-TV Channel 5, KMOV-TV Channel 4 and KTVI-TV Channel 2.

Please note that inquiries about the University's closing status should not be made to the facilities department. Instead use the snowline at 314-977-SNOW (7669).

With winter weather in the forecast, Saint Louis University wants to remind you about University and SLUCare policies that guide inclement weather closures.

University Closures

Under University policy, there are several different types of closures.

  • "Snow schedule" means classes and activities before 10 a.m. are canceled.

  • "Cancellation of classes" indicates scheduled classes are suspended, but all other University activities continue

    NOTE: Snow schedule and cancellation of classes affect students only — all employees and service contractors are expected to maintain a normal schedule.

  • "Closure of the University" refers to the situation in which all University activities are suspended and all offices are closed. Only emergency essential employees identified by their respective vice presidents need to report to work.

For more information, please refer to the University's winter storm policy.

Please note that this policy extends to all operating divisions of the University with the exception of SLUCare, which has its own policy based on operational requirements concerning weather-related reductions in service.

SLUCare Closures

According to the inclement weather attendance policy, SLUCare employees are considered emergency essential personnel and are expected to report to work during University closings. Absenteeism and tardiness guidelines are applicable during inclement weather.

When weather is particularly severe, the SLUCare governing board can retroactively declare an Emergency Inclement Weather Day and all absenteeism and tardiness for that day will be excused.

For more information, visit the Practice Management Operations web site and click on the SLUCare policies tab.

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