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Major in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Offered by Saint Louis University's Doisy College of Health Sciences 

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Saint Louis University Nuclear Medicine Technology Degree Overview 

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in nuclear medicine technology gives you the skills you need to become a nuclear medicine technologist. Offered by Doisy College of Health Sciences, SLU's nuclear medicine technology program trains students to perform the nearly 100 different nuclear medicine imaging procedures available today on every major organ of the human body.

If you choose to major in nuclear medicine technology at SLU, you'll have the opportunity as an undergraduate to conduct research and produce projects or papers that are acceptable for publication or to be presented at professional conferences. You'll also be able to join to the Saint Louis University Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapeutics Club.
Nuclear medicine provides an excellent pre-med curriculum, and both pre-medicine and pre-physician assistant curriculum tracks are available at Doisy College. About 20 percent of SLU's nuclear medicine technology graduates proceed to graduate school.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Nuclear Medicine Technology Program

In addition to a core curriculum in health sciences, students in SLU's nuclear medicine technology program are trained in the responsibilities of a nuclear medicine technologist, which include:
  • Preparing, calibrating and administering radioactive chemical compounds, known as radiopharmaceuticals
  • Performing diagnostic imaging procedures using radiation-detection technology
  • Administering radioactive tracers used to image the organs of the human body
  • Operating imaging technology, laboratory and computer instrumentation
  • Providing images, data analysis and patient information to physicians for diagnostic interpretation

What Can You Do With a Nuclear Medicine Technology Degree from SLU?

Graduates from Saint Louis University with a degree in nuclear medicine technology work as nuclear medical technologists in hospitals and clinics. A B.S. in nuclear medicine technology can also prepare you for a career in information technology, health care administration, sales and training, radiopharmacy labs, teaching and other related fields.

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