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Learning Online/Distance Learning

To complete your learning online, you must be comfortable using both personal computer hardware and software. Additionally, you must be proficient in accessing the Internet through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (preferred browsers). You will need additional software including Adobe Reader. Students should have high speed internet access.  For more detailed computer requirements, visit the Learning Online/Distance Learning homepage.

Lectures and slide presentations in the online courses can be heard using Tegrity and VLC media player. Class handouts are available using Adobe Reader. Class seminars are conducted online asynchronously; however, some course coordinators and/or option coordinators schedule a few synchronous learning sessions. Students are expected to go online several times each week to discuss cases or pose questions.

All courses are under username/password encryption. You will be able to login to courses after you have been notified of acceptance by Saint Louis University, you have registered for courses and you have arranged for payment of tuition.  Upon enrollment, you will be assigned a SLU e-mail account.

For additional information regarding program specific online requirements please click here.


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