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Computer Competencies

Learning online will be greatly facilitated if you have some basic computer skills before enrolling in a Web course. You can acquire these skills on your own or by attending continuing education classes at a local library or community college.

Check off whether you can do the following:

[  ] Browse the Web.
[  ] Recognize a Web link.
[  ] Use the Back and Forward buttons.

[  ] Print Web pages.
[  ] Create and edit bookmarks/favorites.
[  ] Download and install software from the Web (for example, Google Chrome and Adobe Reader).

[  ] Use Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh.
[  ] Connect to the Web using broadband.
[  ] Type using a Microsoft Word or other compatible word processor.
[  ] Open a file or document, save a file or document, and "save as" a different file type.

[  ] Develop a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.
[  ] Send and receive e-mail and print messages.
[  ] Attach files to e-mail.

[  ] Cut, copy, and paste text.
[  ] Move, copy, and delete files (for example, using My Computer or Windows Explorer).

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