Saint Louis University

 Mozilla Firefox is required for the PC and Macintosh. (free software)  

  • Download Mozilla Firefox.
  • In general, we do not recommend Internet Explorer because of certain Windows and MacOS systems incompatibilities.
  • For detailed information, see here.

 Google Chrome is required for the PC and Macintosh. (free software - allow pop-ups)

 VLC Media Player is required. (open source - free software)

 iTunes is optional. (free)

  • iTunes.  Most lectures may be downloaded as podcasts on an MP3 player, such as an iPod or iPhone.

 RealPlayer is required. (free)   

  • RealPlayer (You will need to sign up for a RealPlayer cloud account.  This is a free service.) 
 Adobe Reader is required. (free) 
  • Adobe Reader.  There is no need to purchase Adobe Acrobat.

 Adobe Flash Player is required. (free)

 Anti-Virus Software

  • Free anti-virus software is available from SLU.  Please click here and then click Symantec Endpoint Protection.

 Microsoft Office Suite is preferred/required.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Suite (or later) is strongly preferred (see below) for sharing files and assignments with other students and faculty.  If you have an older version of Office you may obtain a free license for Microsoft Office 365 from SLU.  Please click here for information.

 Proctor U

  • Proctor U.  Proctored exams for Master's students.  Several nursing courses require that exams are proctored to assure the identity of the person taking the test and the security of the exam.  There will be instructions in your courses.  A webcam is required. A webcam installed in a laptop computer may be adequate.

 Government, Military, or VA personnel

  • Many hospitals, all government offices, VA hospitals, and military bases/hospitals have blocked access to streaming media and other sites. This means that you will not be able to listen to lectures or, possibly, access your courses.  You must have access to Saint Louis University School of Nursing courses outside of your employment or military bases.

Internet Connectivity 

  • High speed/broadband (audio/video) cable service or DSL.  Modem dial up and satellite can be problematic because of lower speed connections.  

Smartphones and Tablets

  • Mobile Apps for tablets and smartphones are available for some of the products used for course content delivery such as Blackboard and Tegrity. Not all features are necessarily available in these apps or on mobile devices. All students should have access to a computer to complete their program of study.

Master's students

  • Webcam instructions will be given in your courses for taking a proctored exam with Proctor U.  
  • There may be times when course instructors need to hold a live videoconference with students. This may be during beginning general orientation and in selected clinical courses.
    • Webcam. The one you use for Proctor U will be fine.
    • Headset with microphone built in (we recommend Plantronics products) or phone ear buds with a microphone built in.
  • FuzeMeeting software
  • For more details how to install the plug-in, visit the Fuze Meeting Support site.

PhD students

  • Webcam. The webcam on a laptop may be adequate. For a desktop computer, se recommend Logitech products for better image and midrange in price. However, you cannot use external speakers and n external microphone. These need to be a single unit: Headset or earbuds. 
  • Headset with microphone built in (we recommend Plantronics products for better sound) or mobile phone ear buds with a microphone. Choose one that will be comfortable to wear for a few hours in class.
  • FuzeMeeting software
  • For more details how to install the plug-in, visit the Fuze Meeting Support site.

*Please have all necessary hardware, software including browser and plug-ins well in advance of the course. Also, test your computer capabilities and Internet access prior to enrolling in the course.