Saint Louis University

Grading System
The grading System can be reviewed here, or by reviewing page 15-16 in the MSN handbook.

Failing Grade
A student who receives a failing grade in two courses will be dismissed from the program.

Grade Requirement for Clinical Courses
A grade of "B" or higher must be received in all specialty-specific courses in order to progress.  In a clinical course, a student may be allowed to complete additional hours to achieve a "B" but this should not exceed 50 additional hours.

Grade of "Incomplete"

An "Incomplete" may be assigned when all requirements for the course have not been completed at the end of the academic term. The "Incomplete" may remain in the permanent record for a maximum of 12 months, and, if not amended by then, the grade is transformed into an "F" (Failure). If a student has two or more "Incompletes," a hold will be placed on registration for the subsequent semester. Future registration is with the consent of the advisor only.

A Graduate Incomplete Grade Contract must be completed, signed by student and faculty, and filed in student's file when the Incomplete is assigned.

Academic Probation
If the cumulative grade point average of a Classified student in The Graduate School falls below 3.0 (on the four-point scale), that student is automatically placed on academic probation. To continue degree pursuit, the student must progress toward a 3.0 cumulative average and is expected to escape from academic probation within nine (9) credit-hours or two successive academic terms during which coursework registrations are recorded. A student in The Graduate School will not be advanced to Candidate status while on academic probation.

Courses Taken When Admitted on Probation
Students admitted on academic probation must comply with the advisor's recommendation for the course selection during the first 12 credit hours of enrollment.

All students should contact their advisors prior to registration each semester to ensure progression through the program. Pre-registration periods for the Summer Sessions and the Fall Semester and for Spring Semester are scheduled by the Office of the Registrar, generally for the months of April and November, respectively. Billing statements are sent to pre-registered students at the end of the pre-registration period. Students enrolling after that period must initiate contact with the Office of Student Accounts to make financial arrangements. If financial arrangements are not made by the close of these periods, registration will be cancelled.

Repetition of Courses
A graduate student may repeat a required course (or its equivalent) only one time. If not successful on the second attempt, or if the required grade is not achieved in two separate courses, the student may not continue.

Time Period to Degree The Master's degree program is expected to be completed within a five-year period. Should the five years pass without the student completing all degree requirements, that student must formally and successfully petition for an "extension" of the ordinary time period. Extensions are usually granted for just one calendar year at a time.

Transfer of Credit
A Classified graduate student is expected to complete a minimum of 80% of degree requirements at Saint Louis University. Some advanced work taken elsewhere (up to 20%) may be "transferred," subject to specific restrictions and by means of a formal process, into the program in progress at Saint Louis University. The student must initiate a petition and have an official transcript of the work proposed for transfer approved at the School of Nursing. The petition will be forwarded to the Registrar and the Graduate Education Office. Such a petition will not receive consideration until the student has completed a minimum of six semester-hours toward the degree in residence. Ordinarily, work completed elsewhere more than 5 years prior to the beginning of the current degree program will not be approved for transfer. The grade received must have been B or better to transfer.