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PhD in Nursing

Saint Louis University's Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree program is an intellectually stimulating, innovative, and student-friendly PhD program that prepares RNs as scholars and beginning nurse researchers/scientists. Graduates of the program will contribute to the continued development of the discipline and profession of nursing. The graduates will:
  • Integrate advanced knowledge to construct and test models;
  • Develop and implement programs of research to expand the knowledge base;
  • Apply ethical principles in analyzing health- and practice-related issues;
  • Provide leadership for academic and/or clinical nursing.

Essential Program Information
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Student Handbook
Please refer to the student handbook for valuable information about the Doctor of Nursing Philosophy Program

Academic Integrity Policies
The University is a community of learning whose effectiveness requires an environment of mutual trust and integrity. As members of this community, students share with faculty and administrators the responsibility to maintain this environment of academic integrity. Academic integrity is "a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. From these values flow principles of behavior that enable academic communities to translate ideals into action." (Center for Academic Integrity, online). To maintain academic integrity faculty and students must be intellectually responsible and avoid misconduct.

Intellectual responsibility includes:

  • clearly crediting one's own work
  • completely and accurately crediting the work of others
  • using all sources, including electronic sources, critically.
Misconduct includes:
  • intentional plagiarism
  • cheating
  • fabrication
  • facilitation of dishonesty

International Students
The School of Nursing welcomes international students to an intellectually stimulating doctoral program offered in a supportive environment. International students comprise 10% of the University student population and 13% of the nursing doctoral students at SLU. An active Office of International Programs and an International Center provide campus support. Language assistance and aid in writing/editing are available through the ESL program and the Graduate Writing Center. Saint Louis is an ethnically, culturally, and religiously diverse community with markets, newspapers, restaurants, other businesses, and houses of worship or meditation that address the special traditions of many different nationalities.

Time to Complete Degree
Doctoral students entering with an MSN or related master's degree are expected to complete all degree-requirements within five (5) years of initial matriculation in the nursing doctoral program. Continuous registration must be maintained by registering every semester until degree requirements are completed. Under some circumstances, registration may be for zero (0) credit hours (e.g., NURS6CR.99 for students not taking course work prior to prelim exam study, NURS695 registration for exam study, or NURS699 for candidates not needing dissertation credit hours).

Petitions for Extension of Time to Degree
Any request for an extension of time to complete the degree must be made on the relevant Graduate School form, Petition for an Extension of the Time Period to Complete Degree Requirements accompanied by a projected timeline for completion, and co-signed by the dissertation director and program director. Extensions are usually granted for one year; they typically require enrollment in one (1) additional credit of dissertation research, NURS699 beyond the ordinary 12 credits required.

Petitions for Leave of Absence
Rare personal or family crises may necessitate a leave of absence from the doctoral program for more than a semester. The request should be made on the Graduate School General Petition Form with corresponding documentation and support from the dissertation director and program director. A leave of absence stops the time-to-complete clock. It is inconsistent with requests for ongoing dissertation supervision.

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