Saint Louis University

End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes
The graduate of Saint Louis University's nursing program is a generalist who is able to:

  1. Relate to people as unique individuals possessing worth, dignity, and potential for self-actualization.
  2. Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from the humanities and natural, social, behavioral, and nursing sciences to provide safe, effective nursing care.
  3. Establish relationships based on understanding of self and others, and of interpersonal and group dynamics.
  4. Practice in a variety of settings with clients of all ages and diverse sociocultural backgrounds.
  5. Utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills, in application of the nursing process, to maintain client adaptation.
  6. Assist clients, at any point on the health-illness continuum, to mobilize and use adaptive resources for promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.
  7. Collaborate with interprofessional colleagues, community representatives, and consumers to enhance health care.
  8. Apply evidence-based knowledge as the basis for safe, effective, nursing practice.
  9. Apply the professional code of ethics and professional standards to clinical practice.
  10. Demonstrate personal and professional responsibility, accountability, and self-direction.
  11. Demonstrate leadership principles in professional and interprofessional practice.
  12. Demonstrate understanding of health care policy issues, trends and strategies as they influence accessibility, accountability and affordability in health care delivery.
  13. Utilize appropriate information and healthcare technologies to enhance the delivery of client care.

Approved by Baccalaureate Program Committee 05/2013
Reviewed: 5/2005
Revised and approved: 05/2013