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Jean Krampe

PhD, RN, CPHQ, Associate Professor

 Saint Louis University
 School of Nursing

 office: (314) 977-8956
 fax: (314) 977-8949


Teaching: Dr. Krampe joined the Saint Louis University School of Nursing in Fall, 2010. She teaches in both the traditional and accelerated baccalaureate nursing programs. She is clinical faculty for the Dedicated Education Unit model.

Practice: Dr. Krampe's practice, prior to joining the faculty of Saint Louis University, included clinical practice in adult/ older adult units, and Quality Improvement administrative positions, most recently at a Program of-All-inclusive Care for the Elderly.

Research and Scholarly Activities: Dr. Krampe's primary areas of research include 1) interventions to maintain/increase mobility in older adults and 2) translating these research findings into sustained practice. Her recent funding includes: 1) Sigma Theta Tau International Delta Lambda Ann Perry New Investigator Award and 2) University of Iowa Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence Award. She serves on the Saint Louis University President's Diversity Council and is a board member of the Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities


  • Ph.D, Nursing Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 
  • MSN, Nursing Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis, MO 
  • BSN, University of Missouri-St. Louis, MO
  • ASN, Deaconess College of Nursing, St. Louis MO 
  • LPN, Jefferson College, Hillsboro, MO


  • Certified Professional in Health Care Quality
  • Certified Lebed Method (Healthy-Steps) Instructor

Select Publications:

  • Molly, F., Keogh, J., Krampe, J., & Guzman, A. (2015). Dance mobility: a somatic and dance programme for older adults in New Zealand. Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy: An International Journal for Theory, Research and Practice,:DOI:10.1080/17432979.2015.1032353
  • Krampe, J., Wagner, J.M., Hawthorne, K., Sanazaro, D., Wong, C., Budhathoki, C., Lorenz, R., & Raaf, S. (2014). Does dance-based therapy increase gait speed in older adults with chronic lower extremity pain: A feasibility study. Geriatric Nursing, 35, 339-344.
  • Krampe, J. (2014). Letter to the Editor: Loneliness in Older Adults: A Choice that could be Conquered by Dance-Based Activities. SciMedCentral: Annals of Nursing and Practice, 1(1), 1002.
  • Palmer, J.L., Langan, J., Krampe, J., Krieger, M.M., Lorenz, R.A., Schneider, J., Smith, J. & Lach, H.W. (2014). Risks for Nursing Home Placement: A Look at the Evidence. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice, 28(2), 163-192.
  • Krampe, J., Miller, S., Echebiri, C., Rantz, M.J., & Skubic, M. (2013). Nighttime restfulness during daytime dance therapy: An exploratory study using bed sensors. Western Journal of Nursing Research. 36(3), 362-373.
  • Krampe, J., L'Ecuyer, K., & Palmer, J. L. (2013). Development of an on-line orientation course for preceptors in a Dedicated Education Unit. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 44(8), 352-356.
  • Krampe, J., & Musterman, K. (2013). Shall we skype dance: Connecting nursing students with older adults via skype for dance-based therapy. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing. 31(4):151-4.
  • Krampe, J. (2013). Exploring the effects of dance-based therapy on balance and mobility in older adults. Western Journal of Nursing Research. 35(1):39-56.
  • Lach, H. W., Krampe, J., & Phongphanngam, S. (2011). Best practice in fall prevention: Roles of informal caregivers. International Journal of Older People Nursing. 6(4):299-306.
  • Krampe, J., Rantz, M. J., Dowell, L., Schamp, R., Skubic, M., & Abbott, C. (2010). Dance-Based Therapy in a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly: An Integrative Approach to Decrease Fall Risk. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 34(2), 156-161.
  • Rantz, M.J., Skubic, M., Miller, S.J., & Krampe, J. (2008). Using Technology to Enhance Aging in Place, Smart Homes and Health Telematics of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. ttp://


  • Gerontology Society of America
  • Midwest Nursing Research Society 
  • Sigma Theta Tau International
  • Show Me Falls Free Missouri Statewide Coalition
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