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Julie Bertram

Phd(Candidate), MSN, RN, PMHCNS-BC, Instructor

 Saint Louis University
 School of Nursing

 office: (314) 977-8998
 fax: (314) 977-8949


Ms. Bertram joined the Saint Louis University School of Nursing as a full-time instructor in Fall, 2010; she taught as an adjunct instructor for the School from 1999-2010. She teaches in the traditional and accelerated baccalaureate nursing programs, and the advanced generalist master's in nursing program. She is clinical faculty across these programs.

Practice: Ms. Bertram's practice experience includes 15 years of staff and charge positions in inpatient psychiatric units. She also served in nurse consultant positions, most recently on a research study in the Child Welfare System. She continues to provide consultant services, teaching medication management to foster parents.

Research and Scholarly Activities: Ms. Bertram has obtained IRB approval for conducting research on two studies while in her PhD program and successfully defended her dissertation proposal in April, 2014. She continues to be involved in many projects, as she completes her course of study. She has been awarded Intramural Research Award funding from St. Louis University School of Nursing in the amount of $432 in 2012.


  • PhD, (Candidate), College of Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Missouri - St. Louis, MO 
  • MSN, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO 
  • BSN, Nursing, St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO

Certifications and Professional Memberships:

  • ANCC Certification: Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist. 
  • Certification through Missouri Assisted Living Association, Level I Medication Aide Trainer.
  • Certification through NAMI Family to Family, Facilitator.
  • Member: American Nurses Association. 
  • Member: International Society of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurses.
  • Officer, Recording secretary, Counselor: Sigma Theta Tau.

Selected Peer-reviewed and/or Scholarly Publications and Presentations: 

  • Narendorf, S., Bertram, J., and McMillen, J. (2011). Diagnostic and Medication Overload of Older Youth in Treatment Foster Care: Initial Findings of a Psychiatric Nurse Review. Children's Mental Health Conference, Tampa, Florida, March, 2010 (Paper Presentation).
  • Narendorf, S.C., Bertram, J., & McMillen, J.C. (2011). Diagnosis and medication overload? A nurse review of the psychiatric histories of older youth in treatment foster care. Child Welfare, 90(3), 27-43.
  • Freed, P. E., Bertram, J. E., & McLaughlin, D. E. (2013). Using lecture capture: A qualitative study of nursing faculty's experience. Nurse education today. Epub 2013 Jul 12.
  • Bertram, J., Narendorf, S.C., and McMillen, J.C. (2013). Pioneering the nurse role in foster care. ISPN Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, April 18, 2013 (Paper Presentation).
  • Bertram, J., Narendorf, S.C., & McMillen, J.C. (2013). Pioneering the psychiatric nurse role in foster care. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 27(6), 285-292.
  • Fyle-Thorpe, O. and Bertram, J. (2013). Assessment of Depression & Anxiety in a General Practice Setting. Saint Louis University School of Nursing: 16th Annual Advanced Practice Nursing Conference and Workshops, St. Louis, Missouri, February 22, 2013 (Oral Presentation).
  • Freed, P. E., Bertram, J.E., McLaughlin, D.E. (2014). Using lecture capture: A qualitative study of nursing faculty's experience, Nurse Education Today, 34, (4), 598-602. ISSN 0260-6917,
  • Bertram, J. (2014). Decision Making in Foster Care. International Society of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurses Annual Conference, Greensville, South Carolina, March 28, 2014 (Paper Presentation).
  • Krampe, J., Krieger, M., Hawthorne, K., Artman, D., Bertram, J., Banharak, S. & Schneider, J. (2014). Evidence of Dance-Based Therapy Effect on Physical, Cognitive, and Psychological Function in Older Adults. MNRS 2014 Annual Research Conference (Poster Presentation).
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