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Kristine L'Ecuyer

PhD, RN, CCNS, CNL, Program Coordinator: Accelerated Master's of Science in Nursing, Associate Professor

 Saint Louis University  
 School of Nursing

 office: (314) 977-8975
 fax: (314) 977-8949

Administration: Program Coordinator: Accelerated Masters of Science in Nursing, preparing students for CNL role.  For more information on the AMSN program please click here.

Teaching: I am teaching in many of the courses for the AMSN program, primarily Adult medical-surgical content. My primary teaching responsibilities have included the Advanced Pathophysiology course for master's level students, the Introduction to Critical Care elective for senior undergraduate nursing students, and clinical supervision for the precepted senior clinical comprehensive nursing course.
Practice: My nursing practice has been in critical care with open-heart surgery patients, and heart and lung transplant patients, both adult and pediatric. I have practiced as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and critical care educator, teaching critical care, cardiovascular assessment, hemodynamics and medical-surgical nursing to hospital nurses and undergraduate students. I have worked PRN as a clinical educator at Saint Louis University Hospital as a Nurse Mentor with the RN Residency Program.

Professional and Scholarly Activities: I am a certified Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. I am also a Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist in Critical Care Nursing from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. I am a volunteer for the AACN continuing education review panel. I have written a number of chapters on health and wellness for Fundamentals in Nursing and Basic Nursing (Potter and Perry), a chapter on fluid and electrolytes for Clinical Nursing Skills and Techniques (Perry and Potter), a chapter on Cardiovascular Assessment (Osborn and Wraa), a chapter on care of the Older Adult in the Acute Care Area, and a chapter on Nutrition in the Critical Care Area. I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau International and have been a board member of the Delta Lambda chapter.


  • PhD, Educational Studies, Saint Louis University
  • MSN, Cardiovascular Nursing, University of Alabama - Birmingham 
  • BSN, General Nursing, University of Missouri - Columbia

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