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Teaching: Dr. Leander joined the Saint Louis University School of Nursing in 1998. She teaches in the following areas: undergraduate community/public health nursing in both traditional and accelerated options, interprofessional education at undergraduate and post-baccalaureate, pre-licensure levels. Dr. Leander has taught health assessment, and community/public health nursing for RN-BSN students. 

Practice: Dr. Leander was active in surgical intensive care, community maternal and child health, quality management, state health department consultation, and home health care for 23 years prior to joining the university faculty. For 14 years, she held positions in home health services management and administration with proprietary, not for profit, and hospital based services. Recently, Dr. Leander worked as a skilled nursing facility staff nurse to keep in touch with patient care. Dr. Leander is active with the St. Louis County Medical Reserve Corps (disaster preparedness) and Explore Transplant (kidney transplant education).

Research: Primary areas of interest include living kidney donation, public health nursing practice, innovative teaching methods for community health nursing, and interprofessional education.


  • Nursing: Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Columbia BSN
  • Graduate: Saint Louis University, School of Nursing MSN
  • Post-graduate: Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Columbia Ph.D. 

Select Publications:

  • Drake, M. A and Leander, S. A. (2013).Nursing students and NING: using social networking to teach public health/community nursing in 11 baccalaureate nursing programs. Nursing Education Perspectives, 34, 270-272.
  • Smith, L, Lorenz, R., and Leander, S. (2013). Listening with care: using narrative methods to cultivate responsive relationships in a home visiting intervention with teen mothers. Nursing Inquiry, 20, 3.
  • Leander, S. (2014). "Transcultural Nursing in the Community" in Allender & Rector (eds.) Community Health Nursing: Promoting and Protecting the Public's Health (8th edition). Philadelphia, PA; Wolters Kluwer. 
  • Lentine, K., Schnitzler, M., Huiling, X., Axelrod, D., Davis, C., Brennan, D, & Leander, S. (2012).Depression diagnoses after living kidney donation: linking U.S. registry data and administrative claims. Transplantation, 94, 77-83. 
  • Leander, S. A. (2011) The experiences of African-American living kidney donors. Nephrology Nursing Journal, Nov-Dec, 38 (6) 499-509
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  • Association of Community Health Nursing Educators
  • American Nephrology Nurses' Association
  • American Nurses' Association
  • Missouri Nurses' Association
  • Sigma Theta Tau International


  • American Legion Eight and Forth Nursing Scholarship
  • University of Missouri Fund the Drive for Nurses Scholarship
  • American Nephrology Nurses' Association Dissertation Grant
  • Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Iota Research Grant
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Careers In Nursing, Rounds 4,5 and 6