Saint Louis University

Heritage Hall Dedication

Photo’s Courtesy of Steve Dolan and Dr. Andrew Mills

  Ann Becker, Irene Kalnins, and Sr. Teresa Noth

  Heritage Hall Celebration Cake

  Joan Carter and Family

Leslie Criscione

Lois Criscione

  Patricia Demuth, Virginia Spenoga, and Sr. Noreen McGowan

Faculty, Staff, and Guests

  Teri Murray Speaking to Guests

  Teri Murray and Sr. Teresa Noth

Teri Murray

  Teri Murray Speaking with Students

Sr. Teresa Noth

  Sr. Teresa Noth and Sr. Noreen McGowan

Alice O'Leary

Ribbon Cutting with Joan Carter and Grandchildren

School of Nursing Students

Students and Faculty

Heritage Hall Toast

Rita Wunderlich, Deborah Sanazaro, Janelle Criscione and Ruth Murray

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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