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Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

Saint Louis University's Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degree program is an intellectually stimulating, innovative, and student-friendly PhD program that prepares RNs as scholars and beginning nurse researchers/scientists. Students who complete the PhD program contribute to the continued development of the discipline and profession of nursing. Graduates are prepared to

  • Articulate multiple perspectives on knowledge development and a broad understanding of research methods.
  • Critique and synthesize nursing and interdisciplinary knowledge in a substantive area of inquiry.
  • Generate and disseminate nursing knowledge through research that is innovative, rigorously conducted, ethically sound, and culturally sensitive.
  • Steward the discipline by serving as leaders in health care and academic settings.

PhD Program Options
Students may enter the PhD nursing program by two options:

  1. Post Baccalaureate-to-PhD (BSN to PhD)
  2. Post Master's-to-PhD (MSN to PhD)

For both options, students may be on-campus or at a distance:

  1. Distance learning. Distance students interact live with students on-campus using Web teleconference technology.
  2. On-campus classroom. On-campus students interact live with those at a distance in a real-time, dynamic classroom with Web teleconference technology.

Most PhD nursing classes are offered on Friday mornings and afternoons during fall and spring semesters. The scheduled time for the class takes in consideration students in different time zones.  

  • Generous scholarships are available.
  • Full-time research assistantships are available to students in the St. Louis area. 
  • The School of Nursing participates in the federal Nurse Faculty Loan Program. 

Full-time and part-time study is available for the PhD nursing program:

  • Full-time: 6 credit hours each semester is considered full-time study
  • Part-time: 3 credits each semester is typically part-time study. 

Students at a distance may find that their area of concentration may focus on the nurse educator role because not all departments at the University offer online courses. However, there is flexibility to take independent study with nursing faculty and some individual courses from other departments.

Prospective students are encouraged to discuss their options with the director of the PhD nursing program. Saint Louis University's programs are open to all without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran's status. Minority and international students are encouraged to apply.

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