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Area of Concentration

All PhD students select an area of concentration. It consists of 9 credit hours of cognate courses chosen with the assistance of the academic advisor that individually and collectively enhance the depth of understanding of the student's chosen research area. These elective courses may be chosen from other schools or departments at the University. The areas include education, outcomes research, public health, psychology, sociology, business, and other relevant disciplines. Graduate course information is available in the Graduate Education Catalog. Not all departments offer courses for distance learning. Please contact the director of the PhD nursing program or your academic advisor.

Nurse Educator Role Option as an Area of Concentration
A set of cognate courses is available for students to achieve competencies in academic settings as faculty. Students who select the Nurse Educator Role Option will complete 9 credit hours of nursing education courses available online; some of these courses may be asynchronous. Students who earned a master's degree with a specialty/concentration in nursing education or advanced degrees in education may not be eligible for the 5000-level courses.

  • NURS 5570: Curriculum Development in Nursing Education (2) 
  • NURS 5580: Instructional Strategies and Evaluation for Nurse Educators (2) 
  • NURS 5590: Practicum in Nursing Education (2)
  • NURS 6816: Research Issues in Nursing Education (3)
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