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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Traditional BSN program is primarily based on academic success. Emphasis is placed on grade point average (GPA), ACT/SAT score, class rank, quality of your high school or college, and completed coursework. Please review the admission requirements for freshman and transfer students listed below. 


  • High school diploma or acceptable score on the General Educational Development Test (GED). 
  • High school GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale. 
  • ACT composite score of 24, with all sub-scores of 22 or higher.
  • SAT score of 1120 or higher.
  • High school or college entry-level chemistry and biology courses.
  • Extracurricular activities are considered in admission decisions.
  • Submitting a completed application by December 1 is highly recommended.

External Transfer

  • Please note that entry into the traditional Nursing program for external transfer students is extremely limited and is wholly dependent on space availability in the program, which in some years results in no external transfer students being admitted. In years where space is available, there are more applicants than spots available, so entry is not guaranteed.
  • Please contact Scott Ragsdale at or the Transfer Admission office at 314-977-2500 to determine if the School of Nursing is accepting transfer students before applying or visiting. All undergraduate students who have earned at least 77 credit hours, may be eligible to apply for the Junior Entry accelerated option.
  • Transfer GPA of 3.4 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Successful completion of Human Anatomy and Human Physiology OR Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 and Human Anatomy & Physiology 2, Chemistry, and Lifespan Human Growth and Development is recommended.
  • Extracurricular activities are considered in admission decisions.
  • The transfer application deadline for fall is April 1.

Intra-University Transfers

  • For current Saint Louis University students--Intra-University Transfers (IUTs):  Students who enroll, as new freshmen at Saint Louis University in a college or school other than Nursing and transfer to the School of Nursing will be the second group considered for admission after the students who enrolled as new freshmen in the SLU School of Nursing.
  • A 3.2 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Ability to demonstrate successful completion of science courses, preferably at Saint Louis University.

*Per section 335.066 RSMo of the Missouri Nursing Practice Act: Completion of the nursing program does not guarantee eligibility to take the licensure examination.

Updated on 12/11/13.


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