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Policy of Research Access for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The School of Nursing is supportive of granting access to researchers external to the School of Nursing for approved research on the students, faculty, and staff of the School, subject to the following conditions:
  • The research for which access is sought will have received full or contingent approval of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the sponsoring institution. IRB approval will be documented.
  • The only contingency remaining is that of School of Nursing agreement to grant access.
  • Research access will be consistent with voluntary participation on the part of School students, faculty, or staff. It is strongly recommended that recruitment of subjects be conducted in ways that do not capitalize on the authority relationships of teacher to students or administrators to faculty and staff. For example, classroom teachers typically will not recruit their students for research participation nor be present when students volunteer to participate.
  • Research access does not constitute an undue burden to students, faculty, or staff, given the nature of the proposed research, other research in which the target group may be participating, and other obligations of the target group.
  • Research access will be requested through the School of Nursing Office of Nursing Research and appropriate information about the proposed research (e.g., proposal, consent or information form, sample instruments, and time estimate for subject participation) will be supplied by the applicant. The School of Nursing Office of Nursing Research will seek advice as needed to recommend granting access and will assist the applicant in the routing of the request (e.g., contact with a program director, course or option coordinator).
Once the School of Nursing Office of Nursing Research has recommended research access,
  • The researcher will notify the School of Nursing Office of Nursing Research promptly of any protocol changes that have required approval from the sponsoring institution's IRB as well as the occurrence of any adverse events for which IRB reporting is required.
  • The researcher will notify the Office of Nursing Research if initiation of the proposed research must be delayed for six months or more.
  • The researcher will submit a brief report to the Office of Nursing Research at the completion of data collection, indicating (a) the number of subjects who participated in the research and (b) the number of classes or other organizational units participating, if relevant.
Breach of the conditions set out in these guidelines may result in termination of research access to the site and the target population(s).

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