Saint Louis University

Grant Transmittal Forms
  • The School of Nursing complies with the Saint Louis University policy requiring all applications for external funding be uploaded in the electronic Research Services (eRS) comprehensive, web-based management system. The University requires a minimum of five full business days with no sub-contract and ten full business days with a sub-contract for all proposals. All proposals must be 100% complete and ready for submission to the funding source prior to uploading in eRS for review. 
Prior to being able to upload the grant application in the eRS system, faculty must complete the Conflict of Interest for research form and any required training. All University employees identified by the compliance office, based on their contact with research or scholarship activities externally funded, are required to complete the Conflict of Interest form in eRS.

The eRS transmittal form is simultaneously routed to School of Nursing reviewers and institutional approvers including, IRB, Animal Protocol, Export Control, COI, and the Office of Research Development and Services (ORDS). ORDS has signature authority for the University to submit proposals and enter into funding contracts. Requests for funding may not be submitted without prior approval from the Office of Research Development and Services (ORDS). Funding may be refused for any proposals submitted to grant funders/sponsors without completing the institutional review/approval.

The Grants Development Specialist in the School of Nursing Office of Research will assist faculty with completion of the eRS transmittal and review process.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • The board assures that research on human subjects is planned and carried out in accordance with ethical principles and federal regulations. The IRB is required to review research projects prior to the initiation of any research involving human subjects. Faculty, staff and students conducting research are required to complete CITI training, an online education program approved by the University. IRB guidelines, information for training at the University and online, and links to helpful resources are available on the IRB website. The IRB submission is through an electronic IRB submission system.
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • The Committee is responsible for providing "an animal care and use program that provides a humane and compliant environment for animals while supporting the research and teaching programs." Researchers can learn more about the committee and animal care protocol by visiting the committee's website