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Sister Mary Teresa Noth Celebrates 90th Birthday

On October 30, 2013, Saint Louis University School of Nursing celebrated the 90th birthday of Sr. Mary Teresa Noth, FSM, EdD. Sr. Teresa was dean from 1966 to 1982. A large group of friends, family, alumni, former and current faculty joined in the joyous celebration. In 1966, fresh from earning her doctorate at Teacher's College at Columbia University in New York, she initiated many new ideas and expanded the nursing programs. She recalled the admonition from upper administration that she could do anything at the School if there was funding to support it. That produced a heady time when the youth and enthusiasm of the faculty joined with her vision and opportunity.

Under her leadership, Sr. Teresa initiated the first accelerated nursing program in the nation. It is a model that has been replicated over 200 times across the United States. Not to be forgotten, the School of Nursing building stands as a monument to her persistence and dedication to secure federal funding for its construction. Current dean, Dr. Teri Murray, announced the establishment of a scholarship fund in honor of Sr. Teresa to benefit the accelerated baccalaureate nursing students.

Sister Mary Teresa Noth

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