Saint Louis University

Mission Statement

The Saint Louis University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Didactic Program in Dietetics shares with the Doisy College of Health Sciences, the Health Sciences Center, and the University a commitment to education, research, and service.

Our primary mission is to prepare dietetic professionals who possess those qualities of competence, compassion and conduct requisite to a health professional.

Our position in a University-based health center mandates that we prepare individuals who will assume leadership positions in teaching, administration, and the expansion of knowledge in nutrition and dietetics.

We will demonstrate creativity and innovation in the educational process as a model for others and will engage in research that contributes to the development and application of knowledge in nutrition and dietetics.

We will share our expertise with professional colleagues for their continued growth, and will offer our resources to the community as a partner in insuring its continued vitality.

Program Goals

  • To prepare a generalist, internship-eligible graduate who has achieved basic competencies as identified by the Foundation Knowledge Requirements and Expected Learning Outcomes
  • To prepare a graduate who is knowledgeable about nutritional care in multiple settings and demonstrates specific personal and professional competencies
  • To provide a basis for further development and life-long learning which will assure continued competence
  • To prepare a graduate who will contribute to society based on development of a sense of community and social/civic responsibility

Graduate Outcomes that will be monitored for program effectiveness

  • A minimum of 95% of program graduates over a 5 year period will pass the Registered Exam for Dietetics on their first attempt.
  • A minimum of 80% success rate over a 5 year period in the placement of first time applicants who apply for admission into a DI program and/or post baccalaureate program