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BLOG: What’s Next?

Author: Cameron Sisler
Published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Being a Dietetic Intern for the last 9 months has tested my ability to spread myself in a thousand different directions and, many times, has forced me to put my academic and professional responsibilities before my own personal needs.

  1. Farmer’s Markets. Being in the Midwest, St. Louis is chock full of farmer’s markets and other ways to get produce as close to growing it yourself as possible. Tower Grove, Maplewood, Kirkwood, Schlafly, and Soulard are all great options and are open on different days of the week so you can always get your fresh fruit and veggie fix.
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  3. Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) Programs. CSA’s are a great way to expand your produce palate and eliminate the shopping aspect of buying produce. Sign up in April/May, and every week or two (depending on your CSA), pick up a box of fruits, vegetables, and other farm fresh products. Check out to find a CSA program that fits your needs.
  4. Free Exercise Groups and Classes. Being a dietetic intern, a regular fitness and exercise routine went out the window. This summer I am looking forward to getting back in shape and taking care of myself. Free yoga can be found at Marbles Yoga on Friday afternoons, Tower Grove Farmer’s Markets on Saturday mornings, and Lululemon Plaza Frontenac on Sunday mornings. Lululemon also hosts a “Run Club” on weekends.
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  6. Recreational Sports Leagues. Going along with #2, summer in St. Louis is a time to grab some friends, dust off your middle school phys. ed skills, and join a league. Kickball, softball, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee are all offered during the summer months.
  7. MUNY Outdoor Theater. The MUNY in Forest Park hosts different musicals all summer long and offers free seating for 1,500 patrons on a first-come, first-served basis. The doors open at 7 PM but people line up early, so bring a picnic dinner and enjoy the show! See "a href="" Title="Muny St Louis"> for schedules.
  8. Biking. There are so many bike trails and paths around St. Louis. Forest Park, Queenie Park, and Carondelet Park are all within 30 minutes of downtown St. Louis and offer both paved and natural trails. Trailnet, a local non-profit, also hosts almost daily bike rides and tours. Visit for more information.
  9. Free Concerts. Nothing says summer and relaxation like a free concert outside with friends. The Missouri History Museum hosts a concert every Tuesday, Celebrate St. Louis Summer Concerts can be found downtown in July, and The Botanical Garden has concerts every Wednesday after 5 PM.
  10. Food Truck Fridays. Every second Friday from May-October, all of the food trucks in St. Louis convene in the southwest corner of Tower Grove Park and offer a bevy of delicious tastes from around the world. Come with friends and have everyone grab something from a different truck to share!
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  12. Pick-Your-Own. If you want to get even closer to your food, take a morning off and go pick fruit yourself. Eckert’s farms in Illinois offers a selection of fruits throughout the summer and fall. also has a search feature to find a farm close to where you live.
  13. Weekend Brunches with Friends. Nothing says weekend like taking a long brunch with friends to catch up and enjoy great food. Many restaurants in St. Louis boast menus inspired by seasonal and local ingredients. Some of my favorite spots are Local Harvest on Morganford and Half ‘n’ Half in Clayton. For a fancier brunch experience, try Vin de Set on Chouteau.

Hope this list helps you recharge your batteries and enjoy all that St. Louis has to offer this summer!

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