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BLOG: FNCE: A New Name for ADA

Author: Laura Buerger
Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It’s the time of the year that all dietitians and students of dietetics gather together in one spot and listen about all things nutrition. It’s when we hear about how to make ourselves better practitioners outside of the classroom. It’s FNCE, the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. As an intern, coming to the conference is exciting; we have the opportunity to experience something that interns at other schools do not. This is the 96th FNCE conference and we are a part of it.

SLU Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition 2011

The conference opened with an announcement. The American Dietetics Association or ADA is going through a monumental moment. ADA has many other acronyms and dietetics often is not a remembered name. Therefore starting January 2012 the ADA will go through a name change to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). While the new name causes some feelings of dislike with it’s members, at least there is no other group with the acronym. The word that those most of the dietitians seem to dislike is Academy. It makes the organization sound like it is about research and not about being the experts in nutrition like we are. It was great to be at the announcement.

SLU Food and Nutrition Conference and Exposition 2011

The conference is filled with education experience as well as professional experience. We have to chance to market ourselves in the field, expand our knowledge and let’s not forget, get free samples from the over 1, 000 booths at the Expo. Already it has been an experience unparalleled in my short dietetics career. To anyone who gets the change, go! There is nothing better than wandering the aisles through products and getting food and shirts, sitting in discussions about hot topics in our field and meeting students and dietitians alike in a whole new city.

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