Saint Louis University

Author: Abby Olson
Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Every year at the SLU Dietetic Internship Graduation, the interns have the opportunity to present one of their preceptors from the previous year with an award titled "Outstanding Preceptor of the Year". They nominate, vote, and decide on who they feel deserves this honor. This year, the internship class picked one of our amazing preceptors, Josh Dale, who works at Food Outreach. Abby Olson presented this award to Josh at graduation. Here is her wonderful introduction and speech, along with a few pictures snapped from the event. Congratulations again, Josh!

"Good evening everyone my name is Abby Olson and I am one of the 33 interns here today to graduate from the dietetic internship. As you all probably have heard from the intern you are here to celebrate with today, the internship is a year packed full of classes, nutrition educations, cooking demos, getting an organic gardening certificate, and of course working and learning everyday in the clinical, food service, and community settings of our dietetic rotations. As interns we are not just thrown into our rotation sites without any guidance. We have preceptors at each site that are there to guide us and teach us the ins and outs of the specialty they work in.

Saint Louis University Annual Dietetic Intern Preceptor Awards

I am here today to present the preceptor that has exemplified the qualities that earns you the title preceptor of the year. This year as the internship class of 2012 has recognized Josh Dale as preceptor of the year. Josh is a dietitian with an MBA and works at Food Outreach here in St. Louis. Food Outreach is non-profit organization that provides food and nutrition services for clients with HIV/AIDS and those with cancer. As a dietitian at Food Outreach Josh sees clients for nutrition counseling and BIA testing, he provides education classes for clients, and is very involved in promoting Food Outreach. Anyone that has completed a rotation at Food Outreach has had the opportunity to be involved these activities.

Saint Louis University Annual Dietetic Intern Preceptor Awards

We want to recognize how Josh goes above and beyond his normal activities as a dietitian to be involved with the SLU internship. It takes time to be a preceptor and Josh has been very generous to share his time and knowledge with us. He has been more than willing to participate in our Monday sessions as a guest speaker on community day and career day. He also came in this year to give a comprehensive presentation on financial difficulties of HIV. He truly represents a dietitian that loves his profession and shares his passion with students. We all want to thank Josh for taking the time to teach, mentor, and precept."