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BLOG: Variety is Better

Author: Willie Clayton
Published: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saint Louis University dietetic variety

The rise of agriculture in urban communities has fueled the buying masses to purchase specialty foods. These specialty foods are only possible with the variety in produce that is finally increasing. Across the nation farms are increasing their variety and focusing on sustainability. This is a very import part of sustainable agriculture to secure future and continued growth with minimal adverse effect on the land. Variety is important for sustainable agriculture because it reduces the ware fields suffer from mono-cropping. It also acts as insurance for farmers because it reduces the risk of loss, due to pest and sickness that may wipe out a crop. With mono-cropping if one crop is infected then all the crops are at risk for being lost.

Saint Louis University dietetic variety

One example of a product made from variety is hard cider. Fun fact, hard cider used to be a staple in every home, back in colonial times, because it was easy and safe to transport. Hard cider is made from a variety of apples that most consumers would through away because they are too bitter. They are not made form sweet variety of apples that consumers demand for everyday eating. Hard cider almost disappeared because of the love for sweet apples, thirst for beer, and prohibition. This love for sweet apple almost wiped out the variety of apples that is needed to make hard cider. Hard cider is an example of a sustainable product needed to preserve a piece of American culture.

Saint Louis University dietetic variety

The most common and easy to find hard ciders include woodchuck and crispin. Woodchuck is an overly sweet cider in my mind but not a bad buy, its like the bud light of hard cider, and there are lots of flavor profiles to sample through. Crispin is a sweet style hard cider but has more taste, a smoother finish, and if you desire the dryer style ciders it has the traditional English ciders. This is a great buy and is becoming popular so its fairly common and easy to find.

The less common ciders are my favorite mainly because I like the hunt and sampling anything new. My favorite as of late is by Oliver winery. Their beanblossom hard cider is slightly dry with a shard apple taste the settles as you drink it.

Go do your part support variety, local farmers, and enjoy the world of hard cider.

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