Saint Louis University

Graduation and/or Program Completion Requirements

Students should discuss their specific degree requirements with their advisors throughout their academic career. The student may access an unofficial statement of their progress toward his or her degree, also known as a degree audit, through Banner Self-Service .
The general requirements for earning a baccalaureate degree from Saint Louis University are as follows:

  • Satisfactory fulfillment of the lower and upper division course requirements within each area of requirements.
  • At least the last 30 semester hours of a student's degree program must be taken at Saint Louis University.
  • A degree candidate must file an application in the Dean's Office before the end of the second week of the semester or session in which graduation is intended. Students must be in good academic standing to file an application.
  • Because of the progress being made in the various fields of learning, collegiate credits earned more than ten calendar years prior to graduation will be reevaluated. If circumstances warrant, a student may be required to take further work or repeat certain courses before a degree is conferred.
  • Seniors who have a grade of Incomplete in any course needed for graduation must clear the record and have the change of grade submitted on appropriate forms to the Dean's Office by April 1st for May graduation, July 1st for August graduation, and by December 1st for January graduation.
  • Pending receipt of needed documentation, the University will defer the awarding of a degree for up to 30 days beyond the ordinary conferral date. Beyond 30 days, awarding of the diploma will be deferred to the next ordinary conferred date.