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Research Activities

Current Research & Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Calorie Restriction, Exercise, and Glucose Regulation Study
Edward P. Weiss, PhD, Assistant Professor was awarded a 5-year National Institute of Health grant to examine the effects of diet, exercise, and a combination of both on disease risk and markers of aging. If interested in volunteering for this study, click here.

USDA Grant "Gardens to Tables"
The Gardens to Tables Consortium was formed to develop programs that increase the availability of nutritious food, provide sound nutrition education, increase physical activity, support sustainable food systems, and improve food preparation and preservation abilities among the families of Sigel Elementary and Humboldt Middle Schools. For 17 years SLU dietetic interns have been teaching lessons regarding the goals of the program involving the children in the garden growing fruits and vegetables at the schools. Entrepreneurial opportunities will be offered at Clayton Farmer's Market and through school mini markets.

Cystic Fibrosis Project
Through the Cystic Fibrosis Learning and Leadership Collaborative II, an ongoing quality improvement project has been initiated in order to improve the nutritional status in both pediatric and adult cystic fibrosis patients. In October of 2005, Charlotte Ridley, MS, RD, LD, presented dietary patterns and dietary quality of adult cystic fibrosis patients to increase lung function at the National Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Baltimore.

Youth Health and Wellness Programs
Public Health persons have responded to the obesity initiative developed by the mayor of Saint Louis, Francis Slay, by initiating youth health and wellness programs.

Past Student Research/Thesis Topics

  • The effect of the Snackwise Nutrition Rating System on vending Machine Purchases in Secondary Schools
  • Practice Patterns of Public Health Nutritionist in the State of Missouri
  • A Study of Knowledge and Use of Ergogenic Aids Among Puerto Rican College Athletes
  • The effect of Low Carbohydrate- High Protein Diets on Weight Loss and Body Composition
  • A Study of the Effects of Low Dosing Caffeine on Swimming Performance
  • Factors Identified by Dietetic Preceptors as Impacting the Number of Interns Accepted
  • The Effect of a Low Carbohydrate Diet on Dietary Fiber and Physical Activity Expenditure
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