Saint Louis University

Nutrition and Dietetics offers a curricular concentration in culinary arts. We are one of the few programs in which students can choose to complete both the undergraduate requirements for becoming a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Culinarian.

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Students will learn culinary techniques while working in SLU's modern food lab and facilities that include:

  • Fresh Gatherings Cafe, a cafe run by the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, allows students to gain experience that will be applicable to their professional lives. At Fresh Gatherings, our undergraduate students learn how to prepare healthy and attractive food while our interns learn personnel and financial management skills.
  • Salus Center Kitchen allows our students to be exposed to the size and quality of kitchen that they will find in their professional lives. The Salus kitchen allows students to be exposed to a broader range of large scale production equipment while being in a busy kitchen.
  • The Food Lab is a modern culinary lab for teaching food services and preparation.


Highlights of the concentration:

  • Students will have a solid foundation in nutrition and dietetics.
  • Students will have an understanding of foodservice, bar and beverage management.
  • Students will work with experienced chefs and instructors to learn culinary techniques and skills that will prepare them to enter the culinary world.