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Dual M.S. Nutrition and Dietetics and Master of Public Health


Denise Chapel, R.D., C.C.C. gives her own professional goal, "I completed a joint Masters Degree in Dietetics and Public Health at SLU. My present goal is to play a major role in helping get acceptable information to consumers to help prevent the onset of disease, especially those affecting minority communities." Other student's professional goals may vary somewhat from Denise's, therefore, the primary goal of the degree program is to prepare nutrition specialists to work in many types of public health and voluntary agencies, as well as medical care and educational settings. Graduates specialize in public health and dietetics and are able to design, organize, conduct and evaluate nutrition intervention programs in the public health sector.


Objectives for preparing public health nutrition specialists are: 

  • To orient the student to the perspectives and points of view of public health practitioners in general, and public health nutritionists specifically.
  • To establish a foundation of knowledge essential to the practice of public health nutrition specialists.
  • To foster the development of skills, abilities and methods necessary for successful public health practice in general and public health nutrition in particular.


The length of the program is a minimum of 54 hours, which includes completing requirements for both degree programs. The student must also pass comprehensive oral examinations and complete a capstone practicum research project in nutrition and public health.


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Continuing Education

If you are a registered dietitian, you can apply these courses toward your continuing education requirements. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics grants 45 Continuing Education hours for each three-credit-hour semester course.

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Financial Assistance
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