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SLU's Gardens to Tables Culinary Camp

Exploring Italy (June 6 - June 10)THIS SESSION IS FULL
We're starting the summer off with a trip to Italy! If you've ever had a delicious meal on The Hill and wanted to know more about the culture and cuisine of Italy, then this is the week for you. There will be plenty of pasta, parmesan, fresh Italian vegetables and-of course-Tiramisu!

Earth, Wind, Fire & Water (June 13 - June 17)  THIS SESSION IS FULL
The second week of camp will explore the four classical elements with a creative culinary twist. The elements will inspire us to make dishes such as light-as-air chocolate mousse, brick-oven pizzas, and blackberry lemonade.

Blast from the Past (June 20 - June 24) (ages 13-19) THIS SESSION IS FULL
This week of camp will honor those chefs who have made significant contributions to the culinary world.
We will honor the recipes and methods of historic chefs such as Auguste Escoffier, the "Father of French Cuisine;" Julia Child, one of the first TV celebrity chefs; and Alice Waters, a pioneer of sustainable, Farm-to-Table cooking.

Hawaiian Eats (June 27 - July 1) THIS SESSION IS FULL
Aloha! This week of camp will transport you to the middle of the Pacific Ocean as we take a dive into Hawaiian cuisine! Hawaiian food is unique in that it has both Eastern and Western influences. Saimin, the asian-influenced noodle dish; and haupia, a coconut pudding dessert, are just two examples of what Hawaii has to offer.

Chef ROY G. BIV (July 11 - July 15) (Ages 5 - 8) THIS SESSION IS FULL
This week of camp is all about embracing a colorful diet. Have you ever eaten a purple potato, rainbow Swiss chard, or a ruby red carrot? You will this week as we create magnificently colored dishes using foods from every color of the rainbow!

The Vegetarian Chef (July 18 - July 22) THIS SESSION IS FULL
This week of camp is an excellent opportunity to learn how to prepare delicious and nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals. Beans, grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits will shine as campers explore vegetarian dishes from all over the world! This week of camp is great for both dedicated vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

Road Trip down Route 66 (July 25 - July 29) THIS SESSION IS FULL
We're cooking our way from Chicago to Los Angeles! This week of camp is all about Historic Route 66 and the foods we encounter along the 2,451 mile stretch. From the coastal flavors of L.A., to the New Mexican cuisine of Albuquerque, to Oklahoma City BBQ, and Eli's Cheesecake in Chicago, we will cook our way across the nation!

Celebrating Brazil (Aug 1 - Aug 5) THIS SESSION IS FULL
In honor of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, we are celebrating Brazilian cuisine.
Brazilian food combines Native Indian, Portuguese, and African flavors in dishes such as Feijoada (Brazil's version of chili), Moqueca de Camarão (shrimp and coconut stew), and passion fruit mousse.


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