Saint Louis University

Week 1: June 1 - 5 SESSION IS FULL
Food Truck Fusion: The first week of camp will celebrate the blending of different cuisines and cultures. We will explore flavors that are both familiar and unexpected such as those in Hawaiian-Japanese fusion, French creole, and Korean BBQ. Food Truck Fusion will bring together big flavors and serve them up street-style!

Week 2: June 8 - 12 SESSION IS FULL
Brunch: The second week of camp will explore the endless possibilities of brunch foods! From scones and cinnamon rolls to homemade yogurt and granola to omelets and quiche- we will make it all. Come celebrate the best meal of the day!

Week 3: June 15 - 19
STL Eats (Teen Week): Teen week of camp is all about the St. Louis food scene. We will showcase local products, explore STL trends, and make STL favorites!

Week 4: June 22 - 26 SESSION IS FULL
Celebrations of Nations: Week 3 of camp will honor holidays observed by many different cultures and nations. We will explore ethnically diverse cuisines and learn how other cultures celebrate with food!

Week 5: July 6 - 10
A Week With Walt (5-7 year olds): This week of camp is dedicated to our favorite Disney and Pixar characters and movies! Come make Elsa's Ice Pops (Frozen), Tiana's Gumbo (Princess and the Frog), and Timon and Pumbaa's Mud Pie (Lion King)!

Week 6: July 13 - 17
Chef. Roy G. BIV: Week 6 of camp is all about color! From red velvet cupcakes to yellow coconut curry, from purple potatoes to rainbow chard -- we will explore food from every color of the rainbow! Your camper will also learn about the health benefits of a colorful diet.

Week 7: July 20 - 24
Vegetarian - Exploring Vegetarian Cuisine: Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world abstain from eating meat for various personal, ethical, and religious reasons. This week will show campers that a vegetarian diet is both exciting and delicious! Beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits will shine this week as campers explore vegetarian dishes from all over the world.

Week 8: July 27 - 31
Sweet and Savory Doughs and Batters: Week 8 of camp is dedicated to the many different types of flours and their uses in doughs and batters. We will use traditional wheat flours as well as gluten-free flours such as rice and corn. Your camper will prepare savory varieties such as pizza, pasta, and pretzels doughs and dabble in sweet cake, cookie, and brownie batters!