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Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni: Jutin Thacker

Saint Louis University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Justin Thacker

What have I been up to since graduating from SLU?

In the summer of 2007 I opened a brick and mortar location, The Lab Gym, which was a spinoff of a website I was running through college called “Human Health and Performance Laboratories.”  This was a website for unbiased, no-nonsense, free health, and fitness information.  During this time, I was also working as a personal trainer. My vision for The Lab Gym was formalized from my work in the trenches as a trainer, and my work as a nutrition and dietetics student.

I spent many years at SLU obtaining undergraduate degrees in nutrition and psychology, completing a dietetic internship, serving as a graduate assistant, and finally obtaining a master’s degree in nutrition and physical performance.  These experiences prepared me to make my vision of The Lab a reality, and gave me the skills necessary to live my passion -- to change lives through health and fitness, and empower people to live a more fulfilled and robust life.

The Lab Gym focuses on a holistic approach to optimize the application of physical and mental training, as well as nutritional aspects to a wide array of clientele.  We have had the privilege to work with everything from those with massive weight loss; diabetes; cardiovascular disease; cancer; HIV; injuries; from the elderly; to elite athletes preparing for the Olympics; professional sports; national competitions; the CrossFit Games; bodybuilding and figure athletes; military, police, and fire personnel; and everything in between.

Words of wisdom:
The field of nutrition and dietetics is exciting and diverse, and only limited by you and what you make of it.  There are so many exciting and unique paths that can be taken, and all that is required is a strong vision, intent, and work ethic.  If you can become comfortable being uncomfortable, and oblivious to failure, all the success you want can be yours.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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