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Major in Nutrition and Dietetics

Offered by Saint Louis University's Doisy College of Health Sciences 

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Saint Louis University Nutrition and Dietetics Degree Overview 

Saint Louis University's undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics is one of the few programs in which students can become both a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified chef.

If you choose to major in nutrition and dietetics at SLU, you'll take classes through Doisy College of Health Sciences at the Allied Health Professions Building on SLU's Medical Center. The school offers a gait lab for assessing motion analysis and a culinary lab for teaching food services and preparation. You'll also have access to a simulated medical office suite and exam rooms complete with videotaping capabilities and one-way mirrors for student observation.

You'll also get hands-on experience in our food lab and the Salus Center Kitchen working with registered dietitian nutritionists and culinary chefs. SLU's nutrition and dietetics program also runs Fresh Gatherings Café and operates an organic farm on campus with a comprehensive composting program. 

What You'll Learn in SLU's Nutrition and Dietetics Program

SLU's nutrition and dietetics program offers a unique curriculum, including courses such as Hot Topics in Nutrition, Ethnic Meal Management and a thread in sustainable food systems.

Undergraduates studying nutrition and dietetics at SLU choose between a track that prepares them for a dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian nutritionist or a focus on nutrition and culinary arts. Students with an interest in business can add an emphasis in food innovation and entrepreneurship.

Nutrition and dietetics classes at SLU are small, averaging five to 30 students, and are taught by registered dietitian nutritionists with graduate degrees and certified executive chefs. You will also work with many food and nutrition professionals and health care practitioners during internships, practica and course projects.

What Can You Do With a Nutrition and Dietetics Degree from SLU?

Graduates from Saint Louis University with a degree in nutrition and dietetics have a versatile skill set and are prepared to either pursue becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist (following a supervised practice program and passing CDR exams) or go on to careers within the culinary arts. Possible career settings include:
  • Hospitals or other health care facilities
  • Food and nutrition-related business and industries
  • Community and public health facilities
  • Universities and medical centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • School, hospital, or commercial kitchen
  • Catering
  • Nutrition/culinary services

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