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The entry-level degree is a master's in occupational therapy. Therapist's must complete supervised internships in a variety of health care settings, and pass a national examination in order to practice the profession. Most states also regulate occupational therapy practice by requiring a license and continuing education.

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

Primary Responsibilities:

+ Observe patients
+ Evaluate a patient's condition and needs
+ Develop a treatment plan with specific activities and goals
+ Demonstrate exercises
+ Evaluate patients home or work place

Where will I work?

Jobs can be found in the following settings:

+ Hospitals
+ Offices of physical and occupational therapists
+ Elementary and secondary schools
+ Nursing care facilities
+ Home health care services
+ Educate family members and caregivers

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Liz Young SLU Magnetic Resonance Imaging Alumni

Katie Kuemmel
Class of '13

"I'm currently working in acute care and inpatient rehabilitation at rural hospital in Elkhorn, WI. I like working in both settings because I get to see diverse diagnoses and the progression of the rehab process from start to finish. I loved my time at Saint Louis University and miss seeing all my classmates on a daily basis! "