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For more information on Kid's Connection to Social Skills, Tween Connection to Social Skills and Social Competency, Teen Connection to Social Competency please visit the Connections Program page.

Special Interest Groups
Interest-based mini courses create a smaller group experience for teens and older tweens. Sessions are scheduled based on interests and availability and include no more than 4-6 in each group. Potential topics include cooking, gardening, rock climbing, public speaking, and the arts. Sessions may be combined with Teen Connection or added for $50/ session.

Feeding Group
Is your child more than just a picky eater? Mealtimes can be stressful times for children who have difficulty progressing to more complex foods and tastes. The Little Explorers 4-week feeding program is a fun, sensory-based, interactive experience for parents with children who have feeding challenges.

Consulting Services
Faculty Practice therapists are available to provide school or home consultation, individually tailored workshops, presentations for groups, and universal environmental modifications.

Loving to Read and Write

Children with reading difficulties avoid highly-structured reading and writing tasks. This program aims to improve the participation of children with reading and writing challenges in highly-structured literacy activities. The program will use The Occupation of Reading practice model that uses meaningful, fun and multisensory activities that incorporate traditional materials and digital technologies. This program will focus on the adaptive skills of children, making them motivated and feeling competent about their reading and writing skills. The emphasis on writing will be on simple composition and expression tied with reading. To join the program, a $150 literacy skills assessment and interview are required.

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