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Saint Louis University uses an Integrated Advising and Mentoring System. For more information on this system please visit the Integrated Advising page.

Student success at Saint Louis University is facilitated through the Integrated Advising and Mentoring System. Discussed in the recent Occupational Therapy Student Assembly, the following information orients you to the departmental Faculty Mentoring Program for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

Rebecca Aldrich
  • Last names beginning with A - Bo; and all Honors Program.

Omar Ahmad

  • Last names beginning with Br - C.

Jeanne Eichler

  • Last names beginning with D - E.

Lenin Grajo

  • Last names beginning with F - Ha.

Kathleen Serfas

  • Last names beginning with He - L.

Margaret Maloney

  • Last names beginning with M.

Charlotte Royeen

  • Last names beginning with N - R.

Sherry Muir

  • Last names beginning with S.

Julia Henderson-Kalb

  • Last names beginning with T-Z.

Faculty Mentor: Master's Research Projects

MOT I and II students participating in a research project are mentored by the faculty member providing the research opportunity

Cynthia Matlock

  • Students considering participation in Study Abroad for academic advisement only.
  • Students pursuing only the Bachelor of Science in Occupational Science (BSOS).
  • Students pursuing the Physician Assistant and other health programs.

Debra Rybski

  • Presidential Scholars, Martin Luther King Scholars, and McNair Scholars (until reassigned).

Remember, all students must have contact with the Faculty Mentor prior to the release of the PIN for course registration. Faculty Mentors will establish contact with you via email regarding an individual or small group meeting. If you have no specific need, you may respond by stating you have no particular concern and will not require a face-to-face meeting. If the Mentor is in agreement, she will then release your PIN.

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