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Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy


Fieldwork education is an integral and complementary part of the curriculum that provides the opportunity for application of that which is learned throughout the liberal arts and professional coursework. The student participates in two levels of fieldwork.

Level I Fieldwork is the applied experience that is coordinated with coursework during the fall and spring of year one and fall of year two of the professional program. These "hands on" experiences are designed for two purposes:

1. progressive exposure, observation, and experience with clients receiving OT services
2. identifying the role of occupational therapy in various settings

Level II Fieldwork is in depth practice experience in the delivery of occupational therapy services to clients. The purpose of Level II Fieldwork is three-fold:

1. promotion of professional reasoning and reflective practice skills
2. application of the OT process including occupational assessment and intervention
3. professional behavior development

Research Opportunities

Department faculty members conduct descriptive and analytic research in a variety of areas, depending upon their individual scholarship interests. Students who pursue a master's project are matched with a faculty member who mentors their development of a comprehensive project that is closely associated with the faculty member's scholarship. Through this process and concurrent applied research seminars, the student has opportunities to gain an understanding of the research process in an established or a potential practice setting, and/or the academic environment.

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