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Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)


The IBC is responsible for biological research and safety at the institution. This includes:

1.  Research involving ANY human, plant, or animal pathogen* requires the submission of an IBC application and approval by the IBC.

2.  Annual bloodborne pathogen training is required for research using ANY type of human specimen.

3.  The PI is required to submit an annual application update/modification/termination form.

4.  All BSL-2 laboratories and ABSL-2 facilities require an annual inspection.

5.  All rDNA work requires, at the minimum, IBC Chair notification.

6.  The use of human and/or nonhuman primate cell culture in research requires an IBC application, BSL-2 lab certification, bloodborne pathogen training and handling within a class II or class III biosafety cabinet.

For IBC related downloadsclick here.

For the IBC Meeting Calendarclick here.

* Since the IBC oversight has been extended by the NIH Guidelines to include protection of the community and the environment, animal and plant pathogens have been included. These pathogens are defined as able to cause disease in a healthy, adult human, animal or plant and are termed risk group 2 organisms. For IBC Related Forms, click here.

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